Angel Reese and Alyssa Thomas


Angel Reese and Alyssa Thomas.

Angel Reese was on the receiving end of a brutal foul during the Chicago Sky’s May 25 game against the Connecticut Sun.

The play in question came in the third quarter, while Reese and 2023 WNBA MVP Runner-Up Alyssa Thomas were jockeying for rebounding position.

As Reese jumped in the air, Thomas wrapped her arm around her neck and swung her backwards. 

The “Chi Barbie” hit the floor hard as a result. After the referees reviewed the incident, Thomas was given a Flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game. 

Fans were outraged about the hard foul. 

Alyssa Thomas should be totally embarrassed on what she did to Angel Reese,” wrote one X user with a video of the incident. 

Another X user wrote, “It’s like Alyssa Thomas was deliberately trying to take Angel Reese out. She’s notorious for playing like this & could’ve seriously injured Angel. Alyssa shouldn’t have even joined the #WNBA & should’ve gone into the WWE instead because this is ridiculous. It’s embarrassing seeing women from my generation treat the younger players like this.”

A third X user said of the foul, “Unpopular opinion: Alyssa Thomas throwing Angel Reese down on the court is exactly how older black women treat younger black women in many industries both professional and personal… It’s not tough love, it’s envy.”

Angel Reese Holds No Hard Feelings Toward Alyssa Thomas

Despite what fans are saying, the “Chi Barbie” made it clear during the Sky’s postgame press conference that she doesn’t hold any ill-will towards Thomas for the foul.

“It’s no hard feelings to AT,” Reese said of Thomas, per the Chicago Sky’s YouTube account. “Obviously I know she purposefully probably didn’t do it towards me. But just being able to come out there and just be strong and stand on two feet. I mean, it was going to be a tough game, and that’s what I’m built for.”

“I was prepared for it,” she added. 

Later on in the press conference, Reese even thanked Thomas for the message her foul sent. 

“They don’t give a damn if I’m a rookie,” she said, per Julia Poe on X. “I mean, I want them to come at me every day, I want them to come at everybody. I mean, they’re not supposed to be nice to me… Thank you AT for sending a message to me because I got back up and I kept going and kept pushing.”

Alyssa Thomas’ Fiancée Addresses Domestic Violence Allegations After Chicago Sky Game

Alyssa Thomas’ fiancée DeWanna Bonner is also a member of the Connecticut Sun. After the May 25 game, Bonner addressed some allegations she was seeing on social media about Thomas.

Bonner wrote on X, “Yall.. I can take the heat all day because I’m totally locked in on our season. However implying that domestic violence is going on in what we have, not going to happen. AT ALL! Be mad, upset, angry at the play.. But we are not those’s not cool! that’s WAY too far. 😖” 

Bonner then followed up with a photo of her and Thomas embracing after the game, while writing, “She’s definitely not that person!! ❤️”