Did Lord’s members KICK Australia’s players during Ashes outrage? David Warner’s wife claims ‘vile abuse’ turned physical in wake of controversial Jonny Bairstow stumping

  • Candice Warner claims Lord’s members ‘kicked and touched’ Australian players 
  • Tourists were subjected to abuse in Long Room after controversial dismissal 
  • Some was captured on camera but Warner says it ‘continued up the stairs’

Members at Lord’s ‘kicked and touched’ Australian players in a rage after Jonny Bairstow‘s controversial Ashes dismissal in the second Test, claims Candice Warner – wife of opening batsman, David. 

She sensational alleges that the ‘vile abuse’ suffered by the team, and captured on camera earlier this month, carried on up the stairs as the team made their way back to the dressing room.

Bairstow, believing the ball to be dead at the end of an over, walked from his crease to speak to Ben Stokes at the other end but Alex Carey threw the ball at the stumps to dismiss him. 

It sparked huge controversy and debate, with many claiming it was not in the spirit of the game, while the Australians argued it was perfectly legitimate. 

Cricket WAG Candice Warner has revealed a number of Australian players were 'touched' and 'kicked' by irate members at Lord's during the second Ashes Test

Jonny Bairstow was stumped in the fourth innings after Carey spotted him walking down the crease and rolled the ball onto the stumps in a controversial incident

Usman Khawaja is abused by fired-up MCC members in the Long Room

The outrage spilled over into Lord’s historic members area, where the Australian team were roundly booed and verbally abused by some. 

Now, Candice Warner alleges that some of the abuse was physical. 

‘It wasn’t just those images [where Warner and Khawaja confronted MCC members before security intervened],’ she said on Fox Sports’ The Back Page. 

‘It continued up two flights of stairs to the change room and two more flights of stairs up to where the boys were having lunch.

‘You don’t want to see that anywhere. There were some players who actually were touched, were kicked. Usman Khawaja was really upset at what was directed at him as well.’

‘Jonny got up and had a few words, David had a few words back at him,’ she said of a confrontation between Bairstow and her husband at lunch.

‘That whole Test was pretty grubby to be completely honest. It was very disappointing, even after the game when the supporters stuck around.

‘There were players like Starcy [Mitchell Starc] and Pat Cummins trying to do their media, the vile abuse kept going.’

Warner, pictured here with wife Candice (top left) and their children at Lord's

Mrs. Warner described the abuse as 'vile' and 'grubby' and claimed it got physical

Warner himself was staggered by the reaction, telling the Vaughany and Tuffers Cricket Club podcast: ‘I have copped some stuff before from people, but proper grown men, mature people who are meant to be the quietest at the home of cricket, it was something to behold.

‘I wish I had a microphone so people could get a sense of how loud it was in there.

‘It was crazy. I can’t repeat it [what was said] on here.’

The MCC apologised for the behaviour and three members were suspended. 

In a message to members seen by Mail Sport, MCC chair Bruce Carnegie-Brown adds that a tougher stance will be taken on the general behaviour of members.

‘The Pavilion at Lord’s provides a unique experience, but we must recognise that as it stands this special atmosphere is at risk, both for players and Members,’ Carnegie-Brown said.

‘The steps outlined above must be taken for our great Club to reassure the players who want to visit and become part of its rich history, and for all spectators (including Members themselves) to feel safe, welcome and inspired by their time spent here.’

A hugely competitive Ashes series has seen Australia win the first matches at Edgbaston and Lord’s, before England kept their hopes alive by winning the third Test at Headingley. 

Members aggravated by the dismissal abused the Australia players back in the pavilion

Warner's place was under threat but he has been selected for the Old Trafford Test

The Old Trafford Test gets underway on Wednesday and will no doubt provide more moments of controversy and drama. 

Despite the outcry after the incident at Lord’s, Carey claims he would not act differently if given another chance. 

‘There’s some nasty stuff been said but…it is the Ashes,’ said Carey. ‘There was nasty stuff said before that as well. It’s one of those things where a stumping that’s given out on the field is turned into a massive story.

‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion on the spirit of cricket as well.

‘Not just myself, the whole group’s had some stuff spoken about them. But we’re really tight. We understand what’s important and who matters and those guys definitely have our back.

‘We’re all in it together, we were all out there, all walked through the Long Room together, post-match we all discussed it together. I don’t think the group would do anything differently.’



It gives me no pleasure to be corresponding with you regarding Sunday’s unpleasant scenes in the Long Room. However, as Club Chair I feel I must address the continuing consequences for us as a Club, including some operational changes the Committee deems necessary for the remainder of the summer, pending a post-season review.

I cannot downplay the impact that the behaviour of a few Members has had on the perception of our Club. In less than 100 days the ECB will report back on the actions to be taken in response to the report, published just last week, of the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket. As the second-most referenced organisation, we had much to reflect on in terms of the work we needed to undertake. This has now been brought into even sharper focus.

The video footage captured on Sunday (including some which was taken in clear breach of our Regulations) is there for all to see. The Members shown on camera have brought shame on MCC. Their actions hinder our efforts to promote the positive things our Club does to promote and celebrate the game of cricket. Their actions inhibit our ability to carry out our role as guardian of the Laws of Cricket and the Spirit of Cricket.

As you will be aware, Guy Lavender took immediate action to suspend three Members on Sunday evening. He did so after identifying those individuals as having engaged in direct confrontation with the players. But the behavioural issue amongst Members that day does not end there. Were more evidence to come to light, and additional witness statements gathered, further disciplinary sanctions would undoubtedly be warranted. We encourage any Member with information that could lead to the identification of others involved to come forward. Your report will be treated in confidence and there is an option to make contact anonymously. Please click here or on the button below to access a form by which you can submit evidence.

It has been my privilege to stand many times in the Pavilion to witness the brilliant reception teams receive as they go out to the middle and return. The knowledge, respect and support shown by MCC Members has hitherto been a source of great pride. Since Sunday, probing questions have been asked as to whether the route players take from dressing room to pitch can be considered appropriate in future. It disappoints me greatly to be having those conversations.

That brings me to operational arrangements within the Pavilion. These measures will be introduced on Saturday for the Women’s T20 International between England and Australia and will remain in place for the rest of the 2023 season. A thorough review of our Pavilion protocols will take place at the end of the summer, for us to consider as a Committee for the 2024 season.

The walk out of the Pavilion and towards the pitch is valued by players and Members alike. We are keen to preserve this but will be increasing the size of the roped-off “cordon” used by the teams as their conduit through the Long Room.

We will be restricting Members’ access in and around the stairwells at times when the teams are coming on or off the pitch. During those periods, Members will be required to wait at the ground floor or top floor level, with no access to either staircase.

The Club will be taking a tougher stance on the general behaviour of Members. We expect Members not only to heed the words of our stewards in this regard, but to police one another’s behaviour. It is unacceptable for any of us to point the finger of blame at others unless we are willing to intervene ourselves when we see behaviours which fall short of what is expected of Members.

All Members would do well to reacquaint themselves with the Code of Conduct regarding Members’ behaviour, and in particular:

“Any conduct demonstrating a failure to show respect, including abusive, discriminatory or inappropriate behaviour or language, will be considered a breach of the Rules of the Club and render a Member liable to expulsion or suspension from the Club as provided by Rule 6 of the Rules of the Club.”

The Pavilion at Lord’s provides a unique experience, but we must recognise that as it stands this special atmosphere is at risk, both for players and Members. The steps outlined above must be taken for our great Club to reassure the players who want to visit and become part of its rich history, and for all spectators (including Members themselves) to feel safe, welcome and inspired by their time spent here.