Brands and influencers will have you convinced that the perfect skincare routine will mean emptying your bank account, however one dermatologist warns that despite this people are still washing their face wrong.

Dr Lindsey Zubritsky (@dermguru), who shares skincare advice on TikTok and is a board certified dermatologist revealed basic skincare mistakes that will make you age faster – including not washing your face properly.

Giving her one million followers her top tips, the dermatologist said when washing your face, a simple splash of cold water is not enough. However, she also doesn’t advocate for overly expensive scrubs, products or wipes. Lindsey warned not washing your face properly could lead to other skin issues which could include: acne and blackheads.

She said: “We’re accumulating dirt [and] debris all day long…and if we don’t get that off of our skin, it’s gonna clog our pores and make us look older.”

Lindsey recommends washing your face after you brush your teeth so any traces of saliva or toothpaste can be washed away. She also encourages massaging the cleanser into your face for 30 seconds. A thorough cleanse will help lay the foundation for other products that are added on top.

Lindsey says that many women in their teens, early twenties and thirties won’t use anti-ageing products but that they should. She says that by the time women start using anti-aging products their skin has already become damaged.

She said: “Skincare for anti-ageing actually starts in our teens and early twenties… [which] is when we’re experiencing the most sun exposure,” she explained.

In her video, Lindsey emphasises the importance of basic skincare products which she labels “non-negotiable.” She says a cleanser, SPF, moisturiser and using retinol serums at night to help protect your skin are a must.

In her video, she says: “…in your thirties, forties and fifties, the damage has already been done.”

Dr Lindsey says it is actually best to apply any moisturiser and hyaluronic acid to damp skin instead of dry – especially if you want the best anti-ageing results. She added: “It’s actually increasing the ability to moisturise and hydrate.”

Whilst the face is the focus for many, not applying products to other areas can age them much faster, these areas include: the chest, neck and hands.

Lindsey says: “These areas tend to get just as much sun exposure as our face does, but if we aren’t applying SPF these are ageing much quicker than our face” Dr Lindsey said.