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Carrot tan trend on social media

Overloading on carrots to get a tan is the latest social media trend. Excessive carrot consumption leads to buildup of a substance called beta-carotene, leading to carotenemia. Carotenemia causes an orange glow, particularly on the feed and hands. Experts do not condone this trend.

New drug delivery patch inspired by octopus tentacle

A research team is developing a new delivery patch inspired by the suction cups of an octopus tentacle. The patch would stick to the inside of the cheek and administer peptides without injection. Human and animal trials have gone well so far and researchers remain optimistic.

Pfizer plant resumes production

The tornado-damaged Pfizer plant in North Carolina has resumed production on some lines, the company announced this week. Thirteen of the highest priority medicines are expected to ship to distribution centers in the fourth quarter of this year. Full production across all three sites is expected by the end of this yea