Kids can rejoice!  Looks like Boo Buckets are back this year at McDonald’s.  Last year, after a 6 year hiatus, they brought them back with 3 different designs.  This year, according to their Instagram post, it looks like they have added a fourth design.

Boo Buckets are a Halloween way to deliver a Happy Meal to kids instead of just the regular Happy Meal box.  Plus, after they have eaten their Happy Meal, they can use the Boo Buckets as their Trick or Treating candy container.  Double win-win!

Halloween is expected to bring in about $11 Billion nationwide. The buckets look fun, and kids would probably want to use them not just for Halloween, but it can be a sand bucket in the summer months, too.

Ahhhhhh – the 2023 McDonald’s Boo Buckets are absolutely adorable!

Last year McDonald’s brought back three Boo Buckets after a long hiatus and this year they’re back with FOUR different designs!

You can get these beginning October 17th with your Happy Meal and I love them.

If your kids would like one of these, or to collect all of them, act fast. Because when they are gone, they are gone.  Limited supply. THey are scheduled to be available on October 17th.

When they came out in 1986 I was past the trick or treating phase of my childhood. I never used any of these buckets, but they do look fun.  It’s more fun than the pillow case that we used as kids.  But the one problem might be the size.  You may need to dump into another container during the journey around St. Cloud neighborhoods then continue on with the more “cute” bucket when knocking on doors.

Trick or Treat!

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