It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, no matter what age you are. 

When makeup legend and Jones Road Beauty founder Bobbi Brown speaks, we listen, because we want to continue looking and feeling our best no matter where we are in life. And no one gets that more than Brown. “We can manage and control a lot of things but let’s face it, we can’t stop time. Instead, we need to embrace it,” she tells Katie Couric Media. “Aging is a natural process. We have character lines on our faces and that’s OK. In fact, beauty is feeling comfortable in your own skin at any age.” We couldn’t have said it better!

Lucky for us, Brown (who turns 65 this year) is sharing the secrets behind her top four timeless (and simple) “no-makeup-makeup” tips for older women.

Makeup Tips for Older Women

1. Always moisturize

Brown recommends that women 50+ use products that also contain moisturizing ingredients. What the Foundation, the newest product in Brown’s clean line Jones Road Beauty is foundation meets tinted moisture balm and performs exceptionally well on dry skin. Its star ingredients, sodium hyaluronate and jojoba oil, moisturize the skin while also restoring it against environmental stressors. As Brown says, “It’s like your skin on its best skin day.”

2. Reduce redness

“Regardless of your age, no one’s skin is perfectly even. Almost everyone has hyperpigmentation or darkness in some areas,” says Brown. She recommends using a face pencil to conceal any redness you might see on the face. The common hot spots are around the nose, near the mouth, and on your cheeks or chin. Then, look under your eyes and use a face pencil to conceal any dark circles. Jones Road’s face pencils are a quick and easy way to spot-correct any redness or cover any darkness. Pro tip: When covering up dark circles, be sure to use a concealer that’s one shade lighter than the shade you’re using on the rest of your face. 

3. Embrace your natural beauty

Brown’s also become TikTok-famous for a video where she came clean about being anti-nose contouring. When Brown was a teenager, her mom even offered her a nose job and she opted against it. For the last four decades as a makeup artist, Brown’s message has always been “you’re perfect as you are.” You don’t need makeup to cover up or try to hide anything. Instead, her advice is to embrace your flaws. “We all have things that make us unique and I love that,” says Brown. “So show off your freckles. Embrace your strong nose. That’s what makes you beautiful.”

Brown has learned to embrace her own lines as she ages. Instead of trying to hide them or fix them, she wants women to realize that they’re OK as they are. “You are beautiful,” Brown says. “Lines and all.” 

4. Get a glow

The signature product in Brown’s new clean line Jones Road Beauty is the Miracle Balm. It’s a hybrid skincare and makeup product all in one and a huge fan favorite. With over 5,000 rave reviews, this hero product has caught our attention, and Katie even took it on tour with her. It can be used as a blush, highlighter, bronzer, and even as a subtle eye or lip color to add a healthy glow. 

According to Brown, this is her favorite “one and done” multi-purpose product. She recommends using it after applying moisturizer on your face and neck and using the face pencils to cover any dark circles under the eyes or hyperpigmentation on the face. Miracle Balm comes in eight shades. Brown’s personal favorites are Tawny and Magic Hour. 

Wondering which one you should try? You can take this quiz that will help you find the perfect shade (or two) for you.