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The internet is sharing mixed reactions to a viral video that captures a Karen-adjacent elderly white woman attempting to touch a young Black girl’s hair. Family members present with the young toddler weren’t going to let the unidentified woman get near the youngster’s beautiful tresses. 

Kiki, who goes by the name @TheAngryBlackNurse on Instagram, posted the shocking video to her account on July 10. In the short clip, a young Black woman could be seen posing in a red cap and gown as she celebrated her graduation gifts.

Off-camera, an older white woman compliments the graduate and the young toddler that was with the family. Then, the elderly woman comes up to the young child and tries to touch her hair. Kiki quickly intercepts and prevents the woman’s hand from going any further. “Don’t touch her hair!” she shouted. 

As she laughed off the weird encounter, Kiki intervened while shielding the adorable tot, who she later identified as her niece, from the woman. The unidentified woman tried to skirt around Kiki, but fails to touch her niece’s hair again, and again. Eventually, the elderly woman walked away in defeat. 

In the caption, Kiki, who is a nurse, said she wasn’t rocking with the suspect’s odd behavior. “Aht Aht!! Absolutely not Ms. Mamas! Let’s normalize keeping our hands to ourselves!” she wrote. “Auntie don’t play that!!”

The viral video sparked a massive debate on Instagram.

Black social media users could tell Kiki felt uncomfortable by the woman judging by her hysterical laugh. Hair is such a sensitive topic in the community, so many could see why the concerned auntie sprung into action to protect her young niece.  

Some users said it was very strange that the woman attempted to touch the toddler’s hair even after Kiki intercepted.

People regardless of color need to stop touching people’s babies like why?” one user wrote. “Every time I’m out in public with my twins it’s always the one person that tries to put their dirty hands on my babies… just stop.”

Another person penned, “Creepy and kept trying as if it was her right to do so.”

One user named @sewcutetutu1 slammed Kiki for embarrassing the elderly woman. 

Why not say just don’t touch instead of recording somebody’s yt granny for a viral moment?” the naysayer commented. “The fact you are a nurse and clearly have [an] issue with [white] people says plenty, this isn’t a race issue … [white] people aren’t the only ones touching babies. Furthermore, the way you acted was ghetto [and] ignorant.”

The social media user added, “If this were a [white] lady [and] she had captioned it trying to prevent Black people from touching my niece, you would be outraged.”

One supporter named @helevatedcassh broke it all the way down for those rallying against Kiki.

“I’m [bout] to lose my mind reading these ignorant comments! Girl idk how you doing this but I support you wholeheartedly!” they penned. “Protect black children! Protect Black Women! I don’t care who wants to argue about it either. This is not a damn petting zoo & your yt privilege is invalid here. Don’t touch our children don’t touch our hair don’t disrespect us by treating us like puppies.”

Kiki hasn’t responded to the discourse, but judging by her latest post, it seems like the fearless auntie is letting folks know that she’s never going to back down from defending her niece. 


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