It’s time to get in formation.

For starters, my name is Caché McClay and I am honored to say I am the inaugural Beyoncé Knowles-Carter reporter for the USA TODAY Network and The Tennessean.

It’s not every day a job aligns with the essence of your entire being — as a journalist and Beyoncé fan — but, for me, that day has come and I couldn’t be more excited. 

I do not take this role lighty. Beyoncé is one of the most renowned and influential movers and shakers of our time, undeniably. As an artist, businesswoman and cultural icon, she quite frankly runs the world. As a Howard University graduate, having worked in many different newsrooms such as Hearst Television, BBC News and TMZ, I feel fit for this position. 

Caché McClay, Beyonce reporter at The Tennessean and USA TODAY.

I grew up in a Beyoncé household, and her melodies were often my alarm on Saturday mornings — and certainly on the playlist for my family’s weekly cleaning rituals. Moreover, I saw firsthand the impact Beyoncé had on my mom and sister as Black women, and that trickled down to me. Not only were we moved by her music, but we were moved by her remarkable worldwide achievements.

The impact Beyoncé has had on my older sister, mom and me is just a microcosm of her impact on the rest of the world. Like many others, I have witnessed the trajectory of her career and am both amazed and inspired. She teaches young women and girls to know their worth and walk confidently. Simultaneously, she uses her voice to elevate communities and social issues, alike. 

It is fair to say Yoncé holds weight in so many different realms. She has shown the world she is an industry powerhouse, a cultural icon, economic engine, and the list continues. I look forward to getting down to the nitty gritty of those aspects of her career, one step at a time. I will do my due diligence in highlighting all things Beyoncé, while staying true to myself as a journalist.

There’s certainly no shortage of news to cover about the highly decorated, Grammy-winning artist. For example, her evolution as a businesswoman is worth a look. Beyoncé has become a huge phenomenon, known for surprise drops and a sometimes coy marketing style. She continues to up the stakes, and her mastery of the business world is apparent from the launch of her 2011 fashion brand House of Deréon up through now with her wildly popular athleisure clothing line Ivy Park.

Beyoncé has given us a lot to look forward to this year. Coming off her groundbreaking Renaissance World Tour, she’s already pivoted to the launch of her new fragrance Cé Noir and hinted at an upcoming hair-care line. 

In the coming weeks, Queen Bey will unveil the inner workings of her concert through her highly anticipated documentary “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé,” in theaters on Dec. 1.

I plan to give readers a front-row seat to it all.

As I enter my first days, please know that I am passionate and over the moon about covering Beyoncé. Understand I am highlighting Bey as an artist and newsmaker. I look forward to keeping my ears wide open when it comes to readers and fans. Please don’t be on mute, I want to hear from you!