My childhood memories are filled with the enchanting presence of my beautiful aunts, who always adorned themselves in exquisite saris, delicate pearls, elegant bouffant hairstyles, and stylish dark sunglasses,” shares Bela. Those early moments, she recalls, were her first look into the captivating world of fashion. “As I grew older and traversed the globe, my fashion sensibilities evolved. I became an avid people-watcher, observing what made individuals stand out in a crowd.” Age has never been a barrier for Bela who has always embraced her unique sense of style—she stands here today, selfassured, mature, and entirely comfortable in her own skin.

The concept of ‘age-appropriate’ dressing has never held much sway for the 62 year old. “I have never let a number dictate my attire; it is always been about what fits flatter me. I firmly believe that I carry my clothes, and they don’t carry me,” shares Bela. For her, dressing with both comfort and confidence hinges on the perfect fit. If something fits impeccably, it is a musthave in her wardrobe. “To me, the timeless trio of black, white, and denim is a fail-safe choice. These basics should always find a place in your collection.”

There are a few icons who have left an indelible mark on Bela’s timeless style journey. “Waheeda Rehman stands out as my favourite muse, celebrated for her timeless saris and pearls ensemble. She effortlessly introduced silver into mainstream fashion, making it appear both comfortable and chic. A true fashion trailblazer, she exudes equal charisma donning men’s clothing.”

Another icon she adores is Iris Apfel, who is known for her eccentricity and her artful blend of high-end and budget-friendly pieces, who, Bela adds, lives by the mantra “more is more, and less is bore”. Rihanna’s bold sartorial choices and eclectic fashion sense are also captivating and inspirational.

“With age, I have gained wisdom and confidence…I’ve never felt more at ease in my own skin than I do now,” says Bela. She believes that ultimately, fashion should be fun. “Be a disruptor, but do so thoughtfully. Focus on one key accessory, colour, or trend, and highlight it.” She advises women to dress according to the occasion, experiment, but always consider how they carry a particular outfit. “The key is to embrace ease,” she concludes.