Cheers to the return of grilling season.

Seeking to complement all that barbecue with something new? Consider trying a glass (or two) of wine this time. Need some suggestions? Here are some perfect pours:

Château d’Aqueria AOC Tavel Rosé 2022

This southern Rhône rosé, made by blending Grenache, Syrah, Clairette and Cinsault, is exceptionally food friendly. It pairs best with white meat, so try it with barbecue chicken or pork for sure. $20

Mayer am Pfarrplatz & Rotes Haus, 2018 Pinot Noir

The wine has notes of pepper, red fruit, black tea, spice and tobacco on the nose and palate. It finished with a velvety, rounded texture accented by high acidity, which makes it a match made in heaven with burgers and steak. $22

Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec

This Malbec is a layered, lively and elegant expression from unique high-altitude vineyards in Argentina. It is vibrant and aromatic with lovely notes of blackberry, cherry, plum and strawberry on the palate. It is a dream with barbecue game, burgers with a hint of spice, hot dogs and sausages. $22

2022 Lange Twins Family Merrill Vineyard Chenin Blanc

The Chenin Blanc is a varietal on the rise in the Valley. This one sings with notes of apple, apricot and nectarine. Try it with flaky white fish off the grill and rustic types of pork. $25

Chupacabra Bubbles, Merkin Vineyards

A saucy and effervescent blend of Malvasia and Sauvignon Blanc, this carbonated beauty is an explosion of green apple and citrus in every sip. Enjoy the locally made bubbly with a wide variety of barbeque sauces from spicy to sweet. $26

2020 Harvey & Harriet Red Blend

Harvey and Harriet is a Cabernet-based blend that brings together the flavors of cherry, raspberry, blueberry, vanilla and spice. It begs to be paired with a marbled cut of red meat, a burger loaded with cheese and the works, or even well-seasoned cauliflower steaks. $30

Broken Earth Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

An abundance of rich black fruit and maraschino cherries leap from the glass and is beautifully balanced with hints of tobacco leaf, leather and cedar box here. A garlic pepper-rubbed ribeye or New York steak and perhaps even a rack of lamb would pair well. $30

Opolo 2021 Mountain Zinfandel

Opolo’s Mountain Zinfandel, named for the westside coastal mountains where the winery’s estate vineyards are located, is unabashedly bold, juicy and zesty. It is the perfect match for grilled sausages, brisket and burgers. $32

LDV Winery, 2020 Rosé of Grenache

Only the second Rosé of Grenache, the locally owned and operated winery has produced, this release features a deep rich pink hue, contains zero residual sugar, and offers refreshing floral aromas and cherry on the palate. Try it with burgers, pork chops, and roasted rack of lamb. $35

2020 Rombauer California Zinfandel

For those who prefer a more robust, full-bodied wine, this dark purple beauty boasts complex layers of ripe blackberry, vanilla and spice, with a long finish. The combination makes it a great choice for grilled portobello mushrooms, hot dogs and most chocolate-infused desserts. $39

Mascota Unánime Signature Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

A 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, it may seem a bit tannic for the summer, but do not be scared. Its bouquet of mature red fruits captivates the nose, and its combination of earth with several types of berries gives it a beautiful balance. It is excellent with grilled chicken, smoked red meats and steak. $39.99

2020 Penfolds Bin 28 Shiraz

Bursting with ripe and robust notes, this decadent shiraz is a celebration of chocolate, cinnamon and poached red cherries. Pair it with a big, meaty steak or game like venison or boar on the grill. $40

ONEHOPE Herstory Primitivo, Italy

This medium-bodied Primitivo, which is the Italian Zinfandel, features notes of violet and mocha and has a seductively long finish. It is part of ONEHOPE’s new Herstory collection, which celebrates women who are serving communities around the world, and it is best served with pork ribs and grilled squash of all types. $40

2022 Eleven Eleven Beckstoffer Sauvignon Blanc

With bright and zesty citrus notes, this wine is the ideal refreshment on a hot summer day. The acidity especially complements grilled seafood and shellfish, so be sure to try it if bringing out the lobster, shrimp or scallops. $42

Linne Calodo 2022 Pale Flowers

The name Pale Flowers reflects the character of the wine itself as it is fresh in color and body and highly aromatic and purely expressed. Its notes of watermelon, quince and saltwater taffy make it a dream with grilled eggplant, salmon and tuna. $48

Truett Hurst 2021 Red Rooster Zinfandel

Just like roosters, this wine asserts its dominance with bold flavors and concentration. Thanks to its rich fruit, some sourced from vines more than 115 years old, it has big notes of cooked strawberry and blackberry as well as a layer of spice that holds up perfectly to ribs and pulled pork. $49

GAI’A Wild Ferment 2021

Enjoy a taste of Greece with this Santorini special, which is made with Assyrtiko grapes. Its smooth and full-bodied citrus and stone fruit just scream to be paired with grilled seafood. $49

Clif Family 2021 Gary’s Improv Napa Valley Zinfandel

Get ready to rock your taste buds with this exceptional combination of jammy boysenberry, sweetened blackberries, chocolate-covered cherries and just a touch of black pepper. Enjoy during the grilling jam session and then with virtually anything, but especially with items on the spicier and tangier sides. $50

Cliff Lede 2019 Claret

A sneaky perfect wine for summer, this Claret opened with blackberry and warm fig followed with cardamom and clove before offering a surprise of preserved plums, espresso and lavender to the taste. Versatile, it pairs well with grilled vegetables and mushrooms as well as it does with cheeseburgers and steak. $52

2020 FEL Pinot Noir, Savoy Vineyard

Delicate and ever-changing on the nose and palate, expect a symphony of spiced plum, sumac, boysenberry, dates and even a bit of rose petal, though ever so slight. Toast with this stunner over pizza on the grill, pork ribs and salmon. $75

CV Wine Reserve Cabernet Franc 2019

Lucious with seemingly never-ending layers of dark fruit, baking spices and ripe tannins, this is tailor-made to go with barbecued lamb chops, sausage or slow-cooked beef brisket. $80