The phrase “old lady hairdo” isn’t the most sensitive thing one can say. But some of us can still picture specific hairstyles when we hear it — and it isn’t used in a flattering way most of the time. If one of your hair goals is to get out of a hair rut, or to make thinning hair look thicker and healthier — or simply to embrace more modern hairstyles and haircuts, it helps to also know which hairstyles are outdated. 

This YouTube video beautifully rounds up the hair looks that are going out of style fast: 

Here are five to keep on your radar.

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Ultra Long Hair

It’s not always easy to go from super-long hair to short hair if the former is a look that defined you for decades. But many women choose to get their hair cut and styled differently in their mid-forties — sometimes just for a fresh change, but also because hair can get thinner with age and thinning hair can look even thinner when it’s styled in one long layer without shorter face-framing layers. Long hair can also drag your face down. In many cases hair can look more brittle and less healthy. A shorter cut with the right amount of layering can work wonders when it comes to lifting your face and making your hair look shinier and more vibrant. 



Too Many Layers

A few layers is one thing, but many older women are ditching overly layered hair because it can also drag down the face and give hair a thinner appearance. If you feel this is happening with your hair and look, opt instead for a cut with more blunt edges, as this can make hair look fuller and healthier. 


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“Shoe-Polish” Black Hair 

Covering grays is never a fun task, but some women make the mistake of thinking black dye is best for handling gray roots, and this can bring on an unnatural “shoe polish” look, according to hair stylists. This color can look opaque and steal life and color from your face. Instead, request a single-process color with highlights and go one shade lighter to give your hair and face a bright spotlight. 


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Don’t Suffer Thinning Hair in Silence — Wear Wigs 

Icon Dolly Parton has been wearing gorgeous wigs forever, it seems, but the look has really taken off since Beyonce made it popular. Whether you have thinning hair that you can’t figure out how to style or that’s causing you stress, or you just want to change up your look from time to time, wigs are a fantastic option. And modern wigs also look much more realistic than old-fashioned synthetic wigs. 



Keeping The Same Haircut From High School

Bye bye, helmet hair! Falling into the familiar pattern of getting the same haircut you had in high school is one fast way to start aging yourself. Maybe that tight perm looked amazing years ago, but chances are your hair texture has changed, your face has changed, and asking your stylist for looser waves and an airy cut is the way to go. 

Think of every trip to the salon as a new opportunity to embrace a more gorgeous you. Avoid old-fashioned styles and ditch a few worn hair habits to make the most of your hair.