As the vibrant colors of autumn fade away and the temperature drops, our excitement for winter and the upcoming holiday season increases. Amidst the thoughts of cozy fires and festive gatherings, it is also a great opportunity to consider a new hair color to match the season.

With the help of renowned hair experts, we have curated a list of six of the most fashionable hair colors being flaunted by celebrities on red carpets and social media, along with their professional recommendations to guide you towards your perfect winter look.

Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Pierre Michel Salon‘s director and professional stylist, Jerome Lordet and color specialist Adriana Tapia, Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles, Greg Decker, pro hair stylist and colorist, Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, Jamie Mazzei, hair expert and creative director at NuBest Salon & Spa, and Lauren Udoh, pro hair stylist and Hair Creative Director at WigReports.

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6 Trendy And Chic Winter 2023 Hair Colors

1. Mushroom Bronde

This mix of classic warm blonde and light brown hues can be seen on everyone from Margot Robbie (above) to Hailey Bieber lately (and for good reason!) Decker dubs mushroom bronde to be a “sweet blend of brown and blonde tones.” It helps you strike a balance, he says, with “stunning sun kisses while rendering that neutral effect.” This multi-dimensional color, he adds, “features a dark base with subtle highlights to get the desired look.”

When combining these two elements—mushroom and bronde— Udoh says that this creates the “perfect balance between dark and light tones, and is the ideal choice for those wanting to lighten their complexion subtly without going too bright.” She also says that Robbie’s “soft blend of ashy warm browns and cool smoky grays” is the perfect option for clients looking for “something on trend yet still versatile enough to transition seasonally.”


2. Warm Strawberry Blonde

Another color you might spot quite a bit this winter is strawberry blonde, as seen on Viola Davis above. While the spring and summer seasons often inspire a lighter strawberry blonde look, warmer, more golden and rich auburn tones are in for winter. If you’re naturally blonde and want to try going red or if you have darker red tresses and want to go lighter, this look can brighten up and cold and dreary winter days instantly.

This pumpkin spice-esque hair color is often “described as having a warm, golden glow,” Abdullah says. She explains that strawberry blonde as a hair color can “range in shade from light blonde with hints of pink to dark blonde with a coppery tint.” She also notes that it is “flattering on a variety of skin tones.”

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3. Dark Auburn

Reddish hues are always in style year-round, but a darker auburn color like Julia Roberts has above is especially trendy this time of year. Lordet points out that a rich reddish-brown color like this “helps to make your complexion warmer, giving you a cozy feel during the colder months.”

Last winter, Lordet said we saw a “warm winter trend” that is certainly back, and Mazzei also says that “every skin tone” can wear red, and coppery hues like this are great to experiment with if you have dark hair and want to try red, or if you have red hair and want to test out darker brown notes. Abdullah also says that “auburn hair with cinnamon highlights is trending.”

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4. Jet-Black

Sleek, fierce and bold black tresses always make a statement, and Demi Lovato‘s are no exception! If you have naturally cooler or wintery skin tones and undertones, a dark, gothic and classic color like jet-black may be perfect for you. If you’re thinking of going for this hue, Rivera says “it’s important to consult with a salon professional” to ensure that the correct shade is selected to match your main skin tones and undertones and to avoid the look of being “washed out.”

Rivera notes that it’s important to keep in mind that some darker shades can “sharpen features and can also generate shadows which can distract from the features that mature women may want to accentuate,” so choosing a shade that matches your features is essential if you want to go for a jet-black look!

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5. Brownie Batter Brown

On TikTok, BeautyTok and other realms of social media where hair colors are trending, you may have heard the term ‘brownie batter brown’ to describe this rich, warm brunette hue, as seen above on Katie Holmes.

When it comes to brown hair this time of year, Lordet says that “instead of cool tones, more and more are opting for golden honey tones and caramel blonde, specifically for those with chocolate brown hair.”

As a bonus tip, Tapia shares that “adding front pieces of gold tone can make the color look more defined rather than just a plain brown,” if you wish to try it!

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6. Rich Buttery Blonde

“Rich gold colors” can help “enhance your skin tone and undertones” in the winter, Tapia says, and there’s no denying that Kate Hudson‘s warm, buttery look brings warmth and draws eyes to her features! By combining several shades of glowing blonde, you can also look more radiant with this not-too-light and not-too-dark choice if you’re already a natural blonde.

Overall, if you’re looking to change your hair for the new year and want to emphasize your best features all winter long, Rivera recommends giving a new color a try. “Color is a terrific option for adding depth and dimension to fine hair,” she adds. Rivera also notes that a new hue can always “add texture to your hair, making it look fuller as well.”