Halloween is coming up, so now is the time to get your costumes ready.

Top Halloween Costumes 2023

According to a survey done by the New York Post, these will be the top 5 Halloween costumes in the country this year.

1. Barbie or Ken

2. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

3. Taylor Swift from the “Eras” tour — Why didn’t I think of this?!

4. Carmy from “The Bear” TV series — Love this one!

5. Wednesday Adams — Obviously

6. Mario, Luigi, Peach — popular again with the release of the new movie.

7. Maverick from “Top Gun”

8. Daphne Bridgerton from “Bridgerton” — LOVE this show.

9. Elvis — Makes sense with the release of the new biopic.

10. Beth Dutton & Rip Wheeler from “Yellowstone”

North Dakota

While those costumes are all very great ideas, what about trying some that are a little more North Dakota specific?

To help inspire you, I put together a list of 6 Halloween costumes that will scream “Yup, I’m from North Dakota.”


6 Halloween Costumes That Scream Yup, I’m From North Dakota

Have you dressed as any of these?

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

There You Have It

Those were just a few costumes I felt screamed North Dakota, but I’m sure there are many things I’m missing. Personally, I’m still going back and forth on what my costume will be this year.

If you know what you’re planning on dressing up as, let us know! Send us a message; hit the chat button in our app — we love to hear your creative ideas.

If you don’t know what you’re doing for a costume this year, maybe this list has inspired you. If not, happy costume hunting! TTFN.

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