Our appearance changes in countless ways over the years, including how certain colors look on us. That can cause you to get a little more cautious with what you’re buying and wearing, sometimes without even realizing it. When you get into your 50s and beyond, you might peek into your closet and discover you’ve only left yourself with a small selection of not-so-exciting options. But it’s not about avoiding color entirely—it’s about learning which colors will work best for you. Read on to discover six colors that stylists say you need in your wardrobe as you get older.

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Many bold colors may appear more overpowering and less flattering as we get older because “our features fade and our hair grays,” Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, tells Best Life.

But as it turns out, black actually becomes the “harshest color of all” with age, according to Kosich. That’s why she recommends replacing this color in your wardrobe with navy blue.

“It can be your new power neutral,” she says. “You won’t miss black since navy is still an authoritative color, but communicates trust, loyalty, and confidence with a velvet glove.”

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Similarly, certain shades of white may not be as flattering once you reach your 50s.

“As we age and our coloring softens, stark white can be difficult to wear,” Carol Davidson, NYC-based image consultant and style coach, warns. “What’s more, ivory can bring a yellow-green cast to some complexions.”

So what’s the solution? Soft whites.

“A year-round wardrobe staple, soft white is universally flattering to all skin tones,” Davidson says. “Not to mention it can be easier to maintain than a crisp, bright white.”

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While you may gravitate toward neutrals, you don’t have to give up cool colors completely when you get older. If you’re over 50 and looking to bring more of that wow factor to your wardrobe, Kosich recommends adding a splash of Pantone’s 2o23 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta.

“It shows you’re still relevant, in touch, and on-trend—plus it’s a great conversation starter,” she gushes.

Pantone describes Viva Magenta as a “nuanced crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool,” which Kosich says is the perfect hue for an accent color.

“Think socks, grosgrain belt, rhinestone huggies, statement shoelaces, or a power lip,” she advises. “Have fun with it.”

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Another hue in the red family you should utilize in your wardrobe is burgundy. It is an “elegant and refined shade that adds a touch of luxury to any ensemble,” Maria Velniceriu, fashion expert and founder of MissMV, says.

According to Velniceriu, you can wear burgundy as a statement color or stick to using it as an accent. “Either way, it injects a sense of maturity and sophistication into one’s style,” she says.

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If magenta and burgundy feel too bold for your taste, stick with a softer blush pink. Vivienne Desurmont, styling expert and founder of Maison Vivienne Paris, says that some people past a certain age may shy away from pink “assuming it’s too youthful or not versatile enough,” but that’s certainly not the case.

“Soft blush pink introduces a subtle touch of femininity and adds a refreshing pop of color to outfits,” Desurmont explains. “This delicate hue complements a range of skin tones and can be incorporated into casual or more formal looks.”

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Greens have been having their moment recently, and you should take advantage of the trend. Kosich recommends looking out for olive green clothing, as it is a “kinder, gentler neutral green that comes in a range of light, dark, warm and cool hues.”

“Find one that supports your undertone, hair and eyes best and pair with a splashy accent color like true red to raise the vibration,” Kosich suggests.