The eyes are the windows to the soul — and great eye makeup can only enhance them. But eye makeup can also be tricky to get just right. One too-thick eyeliner line or slightly too shimmery shadow can throw your entire makeup look off point. On the other hand, the transformative effect of perfectly winged eyeliner can’t be understated, either. If you’re unsure of whether your eye make is doing you justice, it helps to know which common eye makeup mistakes you could be making — because, let’s face it, lots of us are making them without knowing it. 

Here are five relatable eye makeup mistakes to keep on your radar.

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Not Using Eyeshadow Primer

No matter how old you are, applying eye shadow without applying an eyeshadow primer first leaves you vulnerable to caking shadow that can easily smear — not the best look. When we age, our lids can become more hooded, which makes it even easier for makeup to smear, so an eyeshadow primer becomes a necessary tool in your makeup kit. Additionally, primer evens your skin tone and cancels out discoloration, while making eyeshadow look more vibrant. It’s a must-have makeup product. 



Neglecting Your Eyebrows

No one is saying you have to be a fan of the super-full brow look of a few years ago, but grooming your brows and filling in sparse areas is an important step in your makeup routine if you want to look more youthful. As Makeup Expert MrsMelissaM points out in her video, children have full brows. Taking just a few extra minutes in the morning and using an eyebrow pencil and gel to lock brows in place can frame your face and make you look more polished and youthful. 



Using The Wrong Eyeshadow Brush

This mistake is a two-parter. For starters, if you’re just taking any old bright eyeshadow and applying it all over your lower and upper lid, you’re not taking advantage of the power of contouring. Second, using a large brush to apply shadow means you’re probably depositing color too close to the brow. Instead, use a precision brush and stick with lighter colors for contouring and take it in a straight line toward the tail of the brow to lift your face. Be sure to use an angled brush to contour the outer part of the lid — this brush will keep color from seeping onto your lower lid. And then remember: blend well. 



Applying Black Eyeliner To The Lower Waterline

If your goal is to make your eyes appear wider, the last thing you’ll want to do is apply black eyeliner on your lower waterline — doing so makes your eyes look more closed. If you love color on your lower eye or waterline, using a nude eyeliner on the waterline and a little bit of shadow on the outer corner of your lower lashline can brighten your eyes. 



Not Taking Your Time With Mascara 

Mascara was probably one of the first makeup products you learned how to use, so it’s natural to think: “I’ve got this” and to rush through your mascara application. Instead, take a few extra minutes to pay attention to the root of your lashes and to really brush through them so that your lashes are separated. And don’t be afraid of using two or three coats to make your eyes look their youthful best.