Hair that boosts more volume automatically looks healthier and younger — but this isn’t often easy to achieve at ANY age. Adding to the challenge, our hair tends to become thinner as we age and it can be more difficult to create body and texture. Whether your hair is naturally fine or has become less voluminous over the years, there are hairstyles that you can create in your everyday life that make a huge difference in the appearance of your hair. There are also shelves of amazing hair products that you could be sleeping on to get the job done right. But tips from those in the know never hurt. Master Stylists Artem and Angelique from Warren Tricomi NYC  let us in on their picks for three volume-boosting hairstyles every woman should try to instantly look 10 years younger. 

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Look 1: Classic Blowout with Root Volume

Picture all those photos of ‘90s supermodels like Cindy Crawford — one of the first things you’ll notice is that many of them boast classic blowouts with tons of root volume that make them look instantly more va-va-va-voom. Achieving a classic blowout with root volume is a great way to add fullness and bounce to the hair, according to Artem.  


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“After washing the hair, start by applying a volumizing mousse, such as the Warren Tricomi Lift & Volume Mousse to damp hair from roots to ends,” Artem says. “This will provide long-lasting volume and hold. Divide the hair into sections and use a round brush while blow-drying to lift the roots and create volume. Focus on the crown area to maximize the effect.”

Once the hair is completely dry, Artem says to flip your head upside down and gently tousle the roots with your fingertips to add additional volume. “Finish the look by misting a light-hold hairspray, like Warren Tricomi Flexible Hairspray, all over the hair to ensure the volume lasts,” Artem says. 



Look 2: Textured Waves with a Voluminous Crown

Waves and curls can always be counted on to help create more body in fine or thinning hair. “This hairstyle creates texture and volume throughout the hair, with extra emphasis on the crown area for added fullness,” Artem says. 



Begin by applying a volumizing spray, such as Milbon Thickening Mist, to damp hair, Artem instruct. “This product helps to plump up the hair strands and create a thicker appearance. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose waves. Start from the mid-lengths of the hair and work your way down, leaving the ends straight for a more natural look. Once the waves are created, focus on the crown area. Tease the roots gently with a teasing comb or brush to add volume and lift.”

To enhance the textured look, Artem suggests lightly scrunching the waves with your fingertips while applying a texturizing spray, like Milbon Texturizing Sea Mist, throughout the hair.


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Look 3: Pixie Cut 

Angelique at Warren Tricomi NYC says she believes a good hairstyle begins with a well-executed haircut that complements the use of quality hair products. “It’s difficult to narrow down a few specific hairstyles that can instantly give the appearance of fuller and healthier hair,” she says. “However, I believe that most people can enhance the look and feel of their hair with a few simple tricks. One of my favorite hairstyles is the pixie cut, which can be given more volume by tousling it in the opposite direction of the hairline while blow-drying from the roots.”

Changing the natural movement of your hair can greatly improve its volume, Angelique adds. “I recommend using Warren Tricomi Lift & Volume Mousse, which contains rice protein, ivy extract, and algae to protect, moisturize, and boost the hair. Apply it to wet hair before drying,” she says. “Another great option for fine hair is the extra short bob, which provides a blunt and thickening effect. To enhance volume at the roots, fully dry your hair while bending forward. Then, apply the light Warren Tricomi Flexible Hairspray and use a curling iron to create loose waves. Remember, perfection is not necessary for this style. The less you try, the better it will look. I promise!”

Making a few simple adjustments to your haircare routine — whether that means adding a root-lifting spray before your blowout, incorporating curls and waves to your style, or taking the plunge and going shorter and chicer with an Anne Hathaway-inspired pixie — could be the missing key element to instantly boosting your hair’s volume and making it look its healthy best.