Makeup trends are so much fun — but sometimes only in theory, not in practice. Dramatic liner and eye shadow or a super-bold lip can catch the eye right away when a model is sporting it on the runway, or when a TikTok beauty expert shows off their look behind heavy filters, but attempting to transfer that look to the street is a whole other story. On real-life skin (aka skin that shows pores, fine lines, and discoloration — all the hallmarks of reality), that same makeup can draw attention to everything we’d rather blur a bit.

If you love staying on top of beauty trends and won’t be changing a single thing — and that includes glittery eyeshadow — more power to you. But if something feel “off” to you when it comes to your makeup look, keep reading. Whether you’re wondering which makeup looks to retire so that you look your best at your age, or you feel some hip makeup trends are casting a spotlight on fine lines and wrinkles, here are three makeup trends that can make you look older. 

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Dark Lipstick 

As we age, our lips lose some volume. It’s also common to get little lines around the mouth area, since this part of this face is so dynamic and the muscles are constantly working. When you apply very dark lipstick, such as some of the deep berry shades we’re seeing on the runway this fall, the color instantly makes lips appear even smaller, while highlighting the lines and wrinkles around the mouth. 

If you love a dark lip, one way to keep it more youthful is by applying a lip liner first and overdrawing just slightly on the cupid’s bow and beneath the middle of your bottom lip. Instead of choosing matte lipsticks, opting for those with a gloss finish can also help make lips look fuller. 

But the best look of all for lips may be a lighter shade, with lighter lip liner and just a touch of gloss in the center of lips. And make sure your lips are always exfoliated and moisturized well. 



Eyeliner On Your Bottom Waterline

Grunge and goth makeup looks always come back in style every few years. They bring out our hidden emo girl and can look stunning and dramatic when paired with a simple black dress. But one component of this trend is not always kind: dark black eyeliner places on the bottom waterline of the eye. This technique can close the eye area and make eyes appear smaller, while also dragging the face downward. 

A better bet is to concentrate the heaviest part of your eye makeup to your top lid. Create a winged eyeliner look that extends slightly outward and upward so that it gives your face a mini facelift. Use light and neutral eyeshadows that provide contrast between your brow bone and lid and lightly dust the bottom of your eye with a neutral taupe shadow. And don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply mascara — it’s an instant refresher. 


Overdrawing The Eyebrows 

The trend of overdrawing the eyebrows and making them look severe is, thankfully, on its way out. More natural looking brows are in — and it doesn’t seem like skinny ‘90s brows have caught on the way some fashion designers had hoped they might when they sent models like Kendall Jenner out sporting “shrimp brows.” 

One thing we all learned while watching this trend come and go is that brows are important on a face. They frame your eyes and can create an entire “mood.” But bigger and darker isn’t always better and it can have an aging effect when done the wrong way. A better technique is to fill in sparse areas of your brows with an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyes brows or is slightly darker than your brow hair. Set them in place with a brow gel and you’re done.

You can and should enjoy makeup trends at any age. But if you’re searching for ways to keep your look modern and youthful, avoiding these common mistakes is one way to start.