Staying current with your hairstyles and makeup looks doesn’t mean getting swept away by every single trend that comes along. The truth is some trends won’t speak to you — or won’t work as well with your facial features and face shape as others. This could explain why super shaggy hair or blunt bangs look amazing on your friend or co-worker, but just don’t do it for you. But you don’t have to be on the cutting edge to look modern. And keeping your look fresh can make you feel like you have a new lease on life. 

As Hair Expert Justin Hickox explains in this informative video, if you love your hair, no matter what advice a hairstylist provides, keep it just as it is. 

But if you’re in the mood for a change, Hickox says these three hairdos are going out of style and may not be doing you justice. 

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An Overly Layered Haircut 

In the hands of a skilled hairstylist, layers can be magic. A layered haircut can make even thin and fine hair look healthier and thicker. It also has the power to draw attention to facial features you want to highlight, such as a strong jawline or cheekbones that pop. 

So, when are layers not doing you any favors? When there are far too many of them and they are mainly situated at the bottom of your hair. 

An overly layered bottom makes your hair look thinner, even if you have naturally thicker hair. 


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A better solution, according to Hickox, is to lightly texturize the hair at the bottom while adding strategic layers at top to keep it from looking “choppy.” Be aware that some stylists are used to relying on one layering technique in which they pull the hair in one specific direction to cut into it, which can result in too many layers. Pulling hair up while cutting can help keep it looking thicker and fuller. 



Cutting Layers Too Short In The Front 

Beware of the haircut that actually looks like two haircuts that aren’t joined together in harmony. The layers in the front of your hair should connect to the layers behind your ear, according to Hickox. When that doesn’t happen, there is a lack of seamless transition between the front and back of your hair, which can make it look more like a mullet. And unless a mullet is what’s your aiming for, this is a common cutting mistake that’s worth discussing with your stylist. 



Blunt Bangs With One-Layer Hair 

Bangs that are cut straight across — aka blunt bangs — can be very chic, don’t get us wrong. But when they are paired with one-layer hair, especially if it’s on the longer side, the look can be a bit disjointed and draw the eye down. Hickox stresses that blunt bangs and one-layer hair create a square design that doesn’t enhance cheekbone structure or facial features. 

You don’t have to forego bangs to make this look work for you. You can simply soften your bangs and surrounding hair with longer layers and wispier angles so that your hair appears more cohesive. 


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You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to add a trendy and intriguing detail to your look. Avoiding some of the most common mistakes that can date your hair is as helpful as trying a brand new style on for size. And sometimes it just takes a few minor tweaks to bring your hair up to speed and make it look its absolute best.