#1: Voluminous Very Short Haircut with Side Part Bangs

short haircut with side part bangs is a striking hairstyle that exudes confidence. This daring haircut is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and embrace a modern and edgy look. This ultra-short length creates a sleek and clean foundation for the hairstyle. It allows the focus to be on the volume and texture. The side part bangs are a defining feature of this hairstyle. They are styled to sweep across the forehead, adding a touch of femininity and framing the face. The side part creates asymmetry and adds visual interest to the overall look.

#2: Blonde Textured Bob with Side Bangs

Ask your stylist for an under bevel on your bob if you’re looking to have it curve under easily. Adding in short textured layers will give you body and movement. It looks great with a few added waves or naturally wavy hair. Side bangs will balance the face and style if you have round, long, and oval face shapes.

#3: Soft Textured Bixie with White Blonde Highlights

The bixie with highlights is a stylish choice for those looking for a short and edgy haircut. The soft texture adds movement and dimension to the hair. And the white-blonde highlights provide a trendy and eye-catching contrast. This hairstyle is versatile and can be styled in various ways. Go tousled and textured or sleek and polished. The white-blonde highlights add depth and brightness to the overall look. They create a stunning visual impact. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires minimal styling efforts.

#4: Messy Pixie Cut for Older Women with Glasses

A textured pixie around the nose and hairline create a funky feminine vibe. Shorter bangs are great for shaping your face with your glasses without them getting in the way. Try cutting out around the ear for extra comfort with those glasses. It will also help to keep the hair from flipping out. Style with Hairstory Wax to separate and add some gold to your style.

#5: Swoopy Layers for a Short Crop

Add swoopy layers to your short crop if you tend to wear your hair on the shorter side. This sassy style is perfect for creating lots of volume and fullness in your hairstyle. Feathering in texture helps lighten your overall hairstyle, leaving a voluminous effect. I suggest using a styling foam to help aid in the process. I recommend the Kevin Murphy Body.Builder Volumising Mousse.

#6: Multi-Layered Choppy Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A multi-layered choppy pixie with side-swept bangs is soft and elegant. This is a classic pixie that can be worn in different ways. My favorite way to add texture to this style is by adding soft wispy pieces around the ear and neckline. By giving a feathery effect, you’re maintaining a soft feminine vibe. In my professional opinion, this hairstyle works best on thick hair types. See more choppy pixies for ladies in their 60s.

Neck-Length Rooted Blonde Wavy Choppy Bob for 60-year-olds

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#7: Rooted Blonde Wavy Bob

You’ll love the dimensional appearance of a rooted blonde wavy bob. The pretty blonde color gives the tousled shape even more texture and will make you look younger. Have your stylist cut medium layers throughout to create a choppy appearance. It will work wonderfully curled with a 3/4-inch iron. I recommend curling sporadically to give you a perfectly imperfect finish.

#8: Tapered Pixie Cut with Long Fringe

A tapered pixie cut with a long fringe is a fun and elegant way to change your short style. Disconnecting the fringe is a fun way to add length around the forehead and cheekbones. Adding texture to the crown keeps this style youthful and edgy.

#9: Round Bob with Shorter Layers

Here’s a classic bob shape with rounded layers to create fullness in the style. This is a great cut for fine hair texture, looking for volume. And the short length will make it quick to style if cut to a nice shape.

#10: Straight Messy Pixie with Thin Layers

A straight messy pixie with thin layers is one of the best haircuts for women over 60. When doing a short pixie haircut, look for a hairstylist specializing in cutting short hair. Ask your stylist if you have the right face shape for a pixie. You’re in luck if you have a round, oval, or heart-shaped face. This style will look great on you! To style, use a volumizing mousse on wet hair. Blow dry using a round brush, then tousle and spray Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Flexible Texturising Hairspray for texture and hold.

#11: Very Short Crop with Piece-y Layers

A very short crop with piece-y layers is a great way to highlight your natural features. This short hairstyle is easy to style and requires little effort to look good! This style requires a maintenance haircut every 4-5 weeks for optimum results. I recommend adding a styling mousse with lots of texture to air-dry this style. My favorite is the Keune Style Soft Mousse.

#12: Textured Choppy Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

Choppy short hair with blonde highlights is a soft way to create fullness. I recommend this hairstyle if you want a shorter haircut, but I like the idea of having volume. This haircut provides volume while still highlighting facial features.

#13: Platinum Pixie with Messy Layers and Tapered Nape

A platinum pixie with messy layers and tapered nape is a soft feminine way to wear a short hairstyle. Keeping the neckline soft is perfect for women with longer necks. This creates the illusion of a shorter nape. If you like this shape of a short haircut, be sure to tell your stylist about adding feathered techniques. Also, ask about a longer piecey neckline.

#14: Modern Pixie with Feathery Layers

A modern pixie with feathery layers helps give lift and fullness to thick, coarse hair. For more dimension, add a few highlights to feature the natural texture. If you want an extra volume boost, blow-dry your hair with a smaller round brush. I liked the one-inch or the one-and-a-quarter-inch for best results.

#15: Short Mullet Shag with Golden Blonde Color

The short mullet shag with golden blonde color is a trendy and daring hairstyle. It combines edginess with a touch of sophistication. This hairstyle is perfect for 60-year-olds who want to make a bold statement and embrace a unique look. The cut features a short length at the front and sides. It gradually transitions into longer layers at the back. And it has shorter layers framing the face. The result is a visually captivating hairstyle that stands out from the crowd. The golden blonde color adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the short mullet shag.

Pink Choppy Mullet for women past their 60s with Fine Hair

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#16: Pink Choppy Mullet for Fine Hair

Try this pink choppy mullet for fine hair if you’re looking for a new exciting way to show off your locks. You’ll need to bleach your hair first to achieve this beautiful pastel tone. Pastel tones can be tricky. The hair must be lifted light enough to reflect a soft tone. Be sure to talk with your stylist about previous colors in your hair to have light tones like this one.

#17: Grey Pixie with Wispy Layers

A grey pixie with wispy layers is a chic way to add texture and movement to your short hair style. Ensuring you add a wispy texture to the crown of the head is the best way to ensure volume. As long as you keep the length around your ears short, you can have fun with the length on top. I suggest doing dry texturizing after the haircut is complete for the best results.

#18: Short Bob with Sharp Choppy Ends

short bob with sharp choppy ends is a refreshing and edgy way to incorporate texture into your haircut. This flattering style is awesome if you have lots of thick hair. I especially love this technique when you want to spice up a simple haircut. To highlight the piecey texture, use a styling wax for extra definition.

#19: Short-Length Messy Layers with Micro Bangs

Short-length layers combined with bangs are a trendy way to soften facial features. Depending on your desired look, the layering can start above or below the chin. Micro bangs are a great way to frame the face subtly.

#20: Gray Feathered Short Haircut

A gray feathered short haircut is a popular style if you want an age-appropriate haircut. Feathering layers allow for more movement and lift. Feathering can add lots of body and volume if you have fine hair.

#21: Caramel Blonde Pixie Layers for Thick Hair

The caramel blonde pixie layers for thick hair are a chic hairstyle that can transform your look. This hairstyle suits seniors who want to embrace their natural texture—at the same time, adding dimension and movement to their locks. The layers are placed to create volume and texture. They add a sense of playfulness and versatility to the overall style. By removing some weight from the hair, the layers allow for a more manageable feel while having a flattering shape. The caramel-blonde color adds warmth and radiance to the hair. It gives it a sun-kissed and youthful appearance. The caramel hue complements a range of skin tones and brings out the natural glow in the complexion.

#22: Textured Pixie with Choppy Layers and Bangs

A bold and contemporary hairstyle is a textured pixie with choppy layers and bangs. It exudes confidence and style. This edgy haircut features short, textured hair with uneven, choppy layers and a fringe. Each adds a touch of chicness to the overall look. The bangs in a textured pixie can be customized to suit your preferences and face shape. Whether you prefer a blunt, straight-across fringe, or a side-swept bang, the bangs in this style enhance the overall look. They frame the face and draw attention to your features.

#23: Choppy Bob with Graduated Layers and Short Bangs

Go for an easy breezy look with a choppy bob with short bangs. A short haircut is always trendy and effortless to style. Give the volume of your strands with graduated layers—style with a round brush for a more polished look.

Tapered Choppy Mini Bob with Shorter Layers for women aged 60

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#24: Tapered Mini Bob with Shorter Layers

Consider the stunning shape of a tapered mini bob with shorter layers. The easy-to-wear shape has layers on the sides and back with length in the crown and a graduated nape. You’ll want to blow dry your mini bob with a small metal barreled round brush, guiding the ends away from the face. This shape could be worn forward, down, or tucked behind the ear if you like versatility.

#25: Short Pixie Crop with Fringe for Thin Hair

A short pixie crop with fringe for thin hair is a great shape for those wanting a low-maintenance hair style. This haircut is ideal for thinner hair types. It can create the illusion of more hair. I recommend going a little longer by the ears but a little shorter at the crown for volume and fullness.