When finding the perfect haircut that complements your age, hair texture, and face shape, feathered haircuts can be a great choice for older women. We interviewed Jess Le, a renowned hairstylist with extensive experience working with older women, to shed light on this topic. She shares her expertise in this article and provides valuable advice on feathered haircuts, styling tips, and suitable products.

Meet The Expert

Jess Le
Jess Le
Jess is a hairstylist with over 3 years of experience.
You can find her at Icon Hair in Scottsdale, AZ

Choosing the Right Hair Texture and Thickness

According to Jess Le, a feathered haircut is best suited for medium to thick hair density and straight to wavy hair texture. If you have super curly hair, the feathered cut may not be as noticeable and can make finer hair appear thinner. It is important to consider your hair’s natural texture and density when opting for a feathered haircut.

Le advises, “A feathered haircut works well for someone with medium to thick density and straight to wavy texture. Keep in mind that this cut may not be ideal for super curly hair and can make fine hair look thinner.”

Considering Face Shapes and Features

Different face shapes require different considerations when choosing a feathered haircut. Jess Le suggests that feathered cuts are most flattering for those with rounded face shapes, including round, oval, long, and heart shapes. For those with square or more defined jawlines, a feathered haircut can accentuate and frame those strong facial lines.

Le emphasizes, “Feathered cuts are best suited for those with rounded face shapes, such as round, oval, long, and heart shapes. If you have a square or more defined jawline and want to accentuate it, this cut can work well to frame your features.”

Styling Tips and Tricks

To bring out the best in your feathered haircut, Le recommends using specific styling techniques and products. A blowout can give your hair movement and volume, enhancing the feathered layers. Loose waves also work beautifully with this cut, emphasizing the texture in the layers.

Le suggests, “To style a feathered haircut, opt for a blowout to add movement and volume. Loose waves can also enhance the texture of the feathered layers.”

For styling, Le recommends using a blow dryer brush and a 1.75″ curling iron. These tools can help you achieve the desired look and maintain the feathered effect. However, it’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing a feathered haircut. If you prefer a low-maintenance style, it’s worth discussing quick styling tips and tricks with your stylist or considering an alternative haircut.

Le advises, “For styling a feathered cut, a blow dryer brush and a 1.75″ curling iron are perfect tools. However, if you prefer a low-maintenance style, consult your stylist for quick tips or consider a different cut.”

Photos of Graceful Feathered Haircuts for Older Women