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In the perpetual battle against chapped and dry lips, the quest for the best hydrating lipstick to rescue your pout can often feel like a never-ending saga—after all, there are so many drying lip products out there! Hence, in the dilemma of choosing between vibrant color and unparalleled lip care, you are not alone. As someone who cherishes the transformative power of lipstick, I have navigated through the disappointments of lip products that promise the world but leave your lips high and dry—literally.  Even in this winter season of skincare discontent, ask anyone to name their most parched body part, and they are sure to point to their lips. “The lips are especially vulnerable,” says New York dermatologist Howard Sobel, “what with their lack of oil glands, their muscle contractions whenever we speak, and the lip licking we all do.”

So, in my journey to conquer the lip care color conundrum, I have also delved into extensive testing and research to curate a selection that not only colors your world but also pampers your lips with the care they deserve. These are not just lipsticks but an ode to self-expression without compromising on lip health.

Allow me to walk you through this guide to what makes the best hydrating lipsticks a trend worth embracing. Know why I adamantly recommend these products and why, in the realm of beauty, settling for anything less than extraordinary for your lips is simply non-negotiable.

Our top picks

13 Best Hydrating Lipsticks to Kiss Goodbye to Dry Lips

As a lipstick enthusiast who has often struggled with the dilemma of choosing between a vibrant, signature color and lip care, Maybelline’s creamy hydrating lipstick in the shade Untainted Spice has been a game-changer in my beauty routine. The rich, creamy formula glides on effortlessly, leaving behind a sensuous feeling and a smooth, supple finish. What sets this hydrating lip color apart is its infusion with shea butter, providing a level of nourishment that I have rarely found in other lip products. From the first touch of packaging to the swipe on my lips, it has been a delightfully smooth experience.


  • Highly-pigmented
  • Affordable
  • Ultra-creamy formula
  • Long-staying
  • Blends well
  • Smooth application


  • Overwhelming for fragrance-sensitive individuals

  • 2

    Best Moisturizing Matte Lipstick

    Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick – High Heels

     Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick - High Heels

  • Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in the shade High Heels is a shade for those seeking long-lasting, hydrating lip color. I put it to the test, and it truly lives up to its promises. The ultra-hydrating formula, enriched with shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E, glides on effortlessly, providing a velvety feel that stays put all day. The soft, suede finish truly mimics luxurious texture, and you can effortlessly create various lip looks with this. It not only survives meals but also leaves lips looking vibrant.


    • Moisturizing
    • Long-lasting
    • Replenishes lip barrier
    • Matte finish
    • Highly-pigmented


    • May not be ideal for those who prefer glossy textures

  • 3

    Most Hydrating Lipstick for Sensitive Lips

    L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick – Beige Eden

    L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick - Beige Eden

  • I recently got my hands on L’Oréal Paris’s hydrating balm-in-lipstick in the shade Beige Eden, and it’s nothing short of a lip care revolution. The cushiony balm effortlessly slides on my lips, providing instant hydration that leaves them feeling softer and healthier. Enriched with 92% natural origin ingredients, including pomegranate extracts, this formulation works harmoniously to nourish and rejuvenate your lips, leaving them feeling soft, supple, and naturally enhanced. My friends and I totally are in love with this shade as it has been catering to everyone’s complexion in our group.


    • Has SPF 10
    • Glossy finish
    • Paraben-free
    • Allergy-tested
    • Dermatologist-tested
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Ultra-gentle

  • 4

    Best Vegan Hydrating Lipstick for Dry Lips

    Honest Beauty Hydrating Liquid Lipstick – Fearless

    Honest Beauty Hydrating Liquid Lipstick - Fearless

  • This color-forward lipstick is a caressing powerhouse for your beautiful lips. The velvety matte finish provides a burst of vibrant color while ensuring lasting hydration. This product is a delight for your lips owing to the well-considered addition of hyaluronic acid and avocado oil. My mum applies it often and swears by its comfort on mature skin, and the fact that it is vegan, and cruelty-free is a cherry on the cake. With six hours of stay power, it has surely become her go-to choice and can be yours too.


    • Hydrating
    • Fragrance-free
    • Highly-pigmented
    • No harsh chemicals
    • Flexible feel


    • Doesn’t stay on very well

  • 5

    Best Dermatologist-tested Hydrating Lipstick

    True + Luscious Super Moisture Lipstick – Just Peachy

    True + Luscious Super Moisture Lipstick - Just Peachy

  • Having put this lipstick to the test, I can vouch for its vibrant color payoff and luxurious satin finish. Its dedication to maintaining healthy lips is what makes it unique. By leveraging the nourishing properties of organic konjac root powder and skin-beneficial substances like hyaluronic acid, the lipstick invigorates your lips and makes them naturally plump without causing any irritation. This lipstick not only adorns your lips with a beautiful peachy hue but also actively repairs and rejuvenates them, thereby improving their texture. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without harmful ingredients, which makes it a guilt-free indulgence.


    • Dermatologist-tested
    • Clean formula
    • Moisturizing
    • Non-toxic
    • Suitable for all skin tones


    • Calls for frequent re-application

  • 6

    Best Moisturizing Lipstick That Stays On

    URBAN DECAY Vice Hydrating Lipstick – Naked

    URBAN DECAY Vice Hydrating Lipstick - Naked

  • Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in the shade Naked is a hydrating marvel that I have personally tested and fallen in love with. The creamy, moisturizing formula enriched with aloe vera and avocado oil ensures not only a super-pigmented color but also a nourishing experience for your lips. It goes on smoothly, leaving lips feeling hydrated and pampered. The single swipe application provides an opaque finish, and you can build it up for your desired color intensity. It is a lipstick that doesn’t just sit on your lips but rather becomes a part of them, providing both intense color and care.


    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-free
    • Long-lasting
    • Seals lip moisture barrier
    • Smooth consistency
    • Buildable color


    • A bit pricey

  • 7

    Best Hydrating Lipstick with a Sheer Finish

    bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick – Presence

    bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick - Presence

  • Having put it through the paces, I can vouch for its ultra-rich, smoothing sheer lipstick that effortlessly glides on in just one swipe. This lipstick boasts a stunning satin finish that adds a touch of glamor to your look. The dreamy texture provides full coverage, ensuring a bold and vibrant color payoff. Additionally, the available shades are thoughtfully curated to complement a wide range of skin tones, making it a versatile choice for diverse beauty preferences. But what sets the difference is its smudge-resistant and transfer-resistant qualities, making it a reliable, long-lasting lipstick choice.


    • Delectable texture
    • Highly-pigmented
    • Sheer finish
    • Nourishing
    • Vegan-friendly


    • Might require re-application

  • 8

    Best Matte Lipstick with Sun Protection

    Pretty Vulgar Bury Them With A Smile Lipstick – Honest Truth

    Pretty Vulgar Bury Them With A Smile Lipstick - Honest Truth

  • In a world where lip health is often overlooked, Pretty Vulgar goes the extra mile to care for your beautiful lips. Free from parabens, sulfates, and talc, it is a clean beauty choice that prioritizes the well-being of your lips. The combination of natural components like soybean, sunflower, shea butter, and more not only plumps but also highlights your lips. The lipstick strikes the perfect balance in consistency – thick enough for longevity, yet weightless enough to feel comfortable on your lips.


    • Full coverage
    • Stays on all-day
    • No stickiness/greasy residue
    • Gentle formula
    • Offers sun protection


    • May not be suitable for those who prefer a glossy look

  • 9

    Best Clean-beauty Lipstick

    Bossy Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick – Faith

    Bossy Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick - Faith

  • Wearing “Faith” isn’t just applying makeup but for me, it’s about embracing a mindset. I tested this everyday lipstick wear, and it held its ground with an extra matte finish that’s surprisingly comfortable. The moisturizing aspect surprised me — my lips felt hydrated and full, owing to its ingredients like vegetal glycerol and vitamin E. What made it even more captivating was Bossy Cosmetics’ commitment to clean beauty and supporting social change, where they stand on contributing to non-profits supporting women’s human rights.


    • Vegan-friendly
    • Cruelty-free
    • Replenishes lip barrier
    • Long-staying
    • Brightens up one’s natural features
    • Looks great with all skin tones


    • A bit drying

  • 10

    Best Non-sticky Lipstick

    tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump – White Peach

    tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump - White Peach

  • Arte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump in White Peach’ is a game-changer for anyone seeking those coveted plump lips without the needles. It’s not just a lip color but an all-in-one solution—a balm, gloss, color, and hydrating treatment rolled into one convenient package. The Cushion Comfort XL Complex ensures a tingle-free plump, and with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and more than 10 superfruits, it made my lips feel moisturized and nourished. The formula even smooths the appearance of lip lines, giving that soft, pillowy pout we all desire. What sets it apart is the innovative pump mechanism, delivering just the right amount for that juicy, plump look.


    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-free
    • Moisturizing
    • Non-sticky
    • Gorgeous stained-glass shiny finish
    • Creamy texture


    • Requires re-application

  • 11

    Kosas Weightless Buttery Lip Color – Rosewater

    Kosas Weightless Buttery Lip Color - Rosewater

  • The infusion of 6 botanical oils and 3 moisturizing butters in this shade creates a creamy consistency while delivering a lived-in finish to my lips. It makes for a long-lasting hydration option for daily wear. The clean formula is weightless, ensuring the color payoff without the heavy feel. As someone who values clean beauty, I appreciate that it’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, and formulated without harmful ingredients. For those seeking a clean, moisturizing lipstick with vibrant shades, Kosas’ Rosewater is a standout choice.


    • Nourishing formula
    • Intensely pigmented
    • Anti-drying
    • Natural-looking sheer coverage
    • Lightweight


    • Calls for frequent re-application

  • 12

    Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick – French Idol

    Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick - French Idol

  • Having extensively tested and researched Lancôme’s 888 French Idol, I can confidently say it’s an achiever of pure pigments, delivering a vibrant and matte finish with a single stroke. What makes the difference is the infusion of hydrating rose extracts and hyaluronic acid, a powerful blend that douses your lips in moisture and TLC. The formula is impressively light on the lips, giving an intense color payoff without the heavy feel. It’s a go-to option for those who crave both vivid color and lip-nourishing benefits.


    • Bold matte-finish
    • Hydrating
    • Long-lasting
    • Weightless formula
    • Comfortable on the lips


    • A bit drying on the lips

  • 13

    jane iredale ColorLuxe Hydrating Cream Lipstick – Rosebud

    jane iredale ColorLuxe Hydrating Cream Lipstick - Rosebud

  • Diving into the world of creamy, hydrating lipsticks, this gem stands out as a true paradigm-shifter. Having extensively tested and researched, I can confidently say that this lipstick effortlessly combines rich pigmentation with weightless moisture. The application is smooth, providing a creamy, no-tug texture that wraps the lips in bold, lasting softness. But what really sets it apart for me are the restorative butters for hydration, botanical extracts for suppleness, and natural oils for moisture retention — a trifecta of goodness that my lips care for.


    • Vegan
    • Satin finish
    • Smooth texture
    • Gorgeous natural look
    • Long-staying


    • A bit pricey

    Now that we have explored the best hydrating lipsticks, let’s dive into a comprehensive buying guide where we can learn how to choose the perfect hydrating lipstick that not only elevates your style but also cares for your lips.

    What to Look for When Purchasing Your Best Hydrating Lipstick

    Here are some of the key factors one might want to look at before purchasing their favorite hydrating lipstick:

    1. Ingredients Matter: Opt for lipsticks infused with nourishing and natural ingredients like shea or cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils. These not only provide a boost of hydration but also contribute to the overall health of your lips.

    2. Texture And Finish: Consider your preference for texture and finish. Creamy lipsticks with a satin finish offer a luxurious feel, while matte formulas can provide long-lasting color. Choose based on your desired look and comfort.

    3. Color Versatility: Look for brands that offer a versatile color range, allowing you to find shades suitable for various occasions. Having a mix of neutrals and bold hues ensures you’re covered for every mood and outfit.

    4. Longevity vs. Reapplication: Decide whether you prioritize a long-wearing formula or don’t mind reapplying throughout the day. Some hydrating lipsticks may sacrifice a bit of longevity for the sake of moisture, so find the balance that suits your lifestyle.

    5. Vegan And Cruelty-free Options: If ethical considerations are important to you, explore brands that offer vegan and cruelty-free formulations. This ensures that your beauty routine aligns with your values.


    In all, I have researched and selected a range of the best hydrating lipsticks that will not only look great on your lips but also give them the TLC they need. The silky-smooth texture of the Maybelline Creamy Hydrating Lipstick, the vibrant color payoff of True + Luscious’ Super Moisture Lipstick, and the nourishing formula of Bossy Cosmetics’ Faith Matte Liquid Lipstick are just a glimpse of the treasures waiting to grace your lips. Trust me, your lips deserve the luxury of these formulations. So, go ahead, indulge in the velvety goodness of these beauties, and treat your lips to a delightful symphony of color and care!


    How do hydrating lipsticks provide moisture to the lips?

    Hydrating lipsticks contain nourishing ingredients like natural oils and butters that help moisturize and soften the lips.

    What measures can be taken to maintain lip hydration when using lipstick?

    Apply a hydrating lip balm before lipstick, choose lipsticks with moisturizing formulas, and stay hydrated for overall lip health.

    Is it possible to retain lip moisture when opting for matte lipstick?

    Yes, some matte lipsticks have hydrating elements in them to prevent dryness while maintaining a matte finish.

    Who is likely to find hydrating lipsticks advantageous?

    Individuals with sensitive or dry skin will benefit from hydrating lipsticks, providing both color and moisture.

    Are hydrating lipsticks appropriate for various skin types, including sensitivity concerns?

    Yes, hydrating lipsticks are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as they prioritize moisturization.

    Can hydrating lipsticks serve as a replacement for lip balm to address dryness?

    Absolutely, hydrating lipsticks can double as lip balm, offering both color and effective moisture.

    Do hydrating lipsticks necessitate frequent reapplication during the day?

    The longevity of hydrating lipsticks varies, but they generally require less frequent reapplication than traditional lipsticks.

    Does lip hydration contribute to the perception of fuller lips?

    Yes, keeping the lips hydrated can enhance their appearance and give the illusion of fuller, plumper lips.

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